Vidya Public School

Art & Craft

As per the experts, the most important way to help the children grow and develop is Art & Craft.

Whatever be the style of Art, our beloved kids are trained and encouraged to paint freely with different mediums and tools.

The craft work allows our students to understand the shining of creativity. Our objective is to develop fine motor skills by manipulating people into objects.

Music & Dance

The study of music & dance is an honored tradition. At Vidya Public School, we will learn music to nurture, refine, give it life and make our own.

We strive to inculcate and nurture our kids to believe in the power of music and dance to express themselves and to promote a culture of empathy through our students in the school.

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Games and sports are an essential part of the physical education curriculum. It can be a great way to keep our students active and energetic in school as well as at home.

We have a great variety of sports. From games of tranquility like Chess and Carrom to sports of teamwork and vibrant energy like Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi to transformational games like Karate.

Games & Sports
Games and Sports


We believe that kids require extensive interdisciplinary knowledge and skill and the capacity to work as a team to succeed in the future. It is imperative to empower children to look at what is available at hand to use and solve the problems and issues that surround everyone.

We create a comprehensive learning environment for our students. As it brings different fields together like science,technology, reading,art,mathematics. It encourages the children to
participate, co-operate and serve the problem. Thus,they induce the ability for innovative insight, critical thinking and problem solving skills.