Vidya Public School


Dr.Alpana Sinha

Dear Parents, student and visitors of our school website.

Warm welcome to our website. This website has been developed to enable everyone to become familiar with our school. Yelahanka. Turning schools around both in Academics and Administration has been her forte and to train and mentor teachers is her passion.

When I think of, “what is good education” a quote that comes to my mind is that by John Fitzgerald Kennedy, that I think encapsulates what good education is all about:

We believe our role as an educator is to nurture our beloved kids to develop their skills to be healthy ,respected , prosper and satisfied with fulfillment. The innovative and creative ability is important for us. We enjoy the challenges and inspiration from the people around us.

Our aim is to enthuse and challenge students to be inventive and imaginative in their learning and daily tasks.

Our task is to help our kids to come to love and accept themselves as they are and to believe that they have much to offer this world. We try to nourish their self confidence , so that they can take the risk of new challenges. This helps them to blossom and grow as future individuals . Our academic, social and emotional skill enable them to realize their true potential.

Thanks for your visit to our website . We look forward to hear from you